Cookies policy on the website

Cookies policy

Cookies (so-called cookies) are small text files used in connection with the use of the Website by the user. Such files are created and saved in the user's device (eg on a computer), and the Website may access them. Cookie files, depending on the type, are deleted after the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies) or after a longer period (so-called persistent cookies). You can learn more about the way cookies work, for example, at

The User may grant or refuse to give consent to the use of cookie files through the settings of his browser. By default, browsers allow the placement of cookies on your end device, but any user can oppose this. For this purpose, you can change the settings of your web browser so that it blocks cookies or informs you whenever a file is sent to your device. If the user's browser accepts certain cookies, the user consents to the use of these cookies in accordance with the relevant provisions of Polish law.

Detailed instructions on how to determine the conditions of cookie files storage are available on the websites of the browser manufacturer, e.g.

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Lack of consent to the use of cookies may cause that part of the Website's functionality will not work properly or will stop working. In order to use the full functionality of the Website, it is recommended to agree to store and access cookies.

Cookies can be used by the website owner as well as by other entities. Cookies allow us to adapt the Website to the users' expectations. They do not contain any personal data or in any way change the configuration of the devices on which they will be installed.